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3 Most Common Reasons to Call for Commercial Crawl Space Cleaning

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3 Most Common Reasons to Call for Commercial Crawl Space Cleaning

Reasons to Call for Commercial Crawl Space Cleaning | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Not all businesses have a crawl space but those who do should always remember to keep it clean. Some learn it the easy way, some learn the hard way, but all business owners know that the basement must stay clean. Why? Here's three of the most common reasons.

  1. First Stage – Bad Smell

    The first thing that happens when you neglect to keep the crawl space clean, is a bad smell that starts to rise and soon enough to spread up right into your store. The smell may be a result of several things, including rodents' feces, mold that has grown uninterrupted, or water damages caused by accumulated and unattended humidity, as later described. Once the slightest hint of that rotten smell hits your store – the customers will leave sooner than you may realize.
  2. Second Stage – Wetness

    If we haven't managed to convince you to take care of the problem during stage one, it is most likely that your store will reach stage two: mold. Mold is a fungus that might harm not only the air quality, but also your health, your employees' health and even the products of your store – if you own a food related business, you just got a severe enough reason to keep you up at night.
  3. Third Stage – Damaged Goods

    Well, if you continue to ignore the need for cleaning your commercial building's crawl space, you will hit phase three sooner rather than later. In this stage your store's goods start to sustain damage – why? Because in businesses that do have a basement, it usually also serves as the storage area, which means your stocks are down there. Therefore, the products and goods will be affected by the smell, the wetness, the bacteria and eventually the combination of all of the above, leaving them in no condition to ever be sold again, which will leave you with disappointed clients and a depleted bank account.

Take Care of Your Business and Keep it Clean

Don't wait for it to be too late and allow an unclean crawl space to harm your business. Call our company to hear more about our expert commercial services in San Jose.


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