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Our new tips section may help keep your attic rodent-free!

Our new tips section is full of useful information about keeping your home's attic clean and rodent-free. Just scroll down below to learn more about this and many of our other services.

Removeaccessible water sources

Rodents, especially rats, need to drink a fair amount of water every day and will often nest close to a continuous supply. Inspect your basement, attic, crawlspace, garage and kitchen for leaky pipes, dripping appliances, or accumulations of rainwater in cracks in the foundation. If you find a nest, droppings, or marks on the floor, call our professionals for help with removal and proofing.

Wear a mask when accessing your attic

Most homeowners don't make more than a few annual visits to their attic, so it's only natural for dirt and debris to start accumulating inside them. Dust particles, mold spores and other substances can become airborne with the slightest disturbance and you don't want to inhale this gunk. For this reason you should always wear a mask when accessing your attic, if it appears to be really unhygienic, call our experts to clean your attic for you.

Know when to go for faced or unfaced insulation

Facing is a thin layer or plastic or paper that's attached to one side of batting insulation. It normally contains a thin layer of paper or asphalt that acts as a vapor barrier to block moisture. If your attic doesn't already have insulation installed, use faced insulation with the layered part facing the heated living area. Use unfaced insulation if there is already insulation installed in your attic. Contact our experts when you need advice about installing insulation properly in your attic.

Check for asbestos in old insulation

If your home was built before 1990, it's possible your attic insulation can contain insulation contaminated with asbestos. Asbestos dust becomes a hazard when it is airborne. When people are exposed to asbestos, the tiny fibers are easily inhaled and can cause lung disease and cancer. Asbestos fibers can also be swallowed and cause skin problems. Contact our specialists immediately for advice if you believe your home may contain asbestos.


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