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Answering common questions in our FAQ section

Our team is rated number one locally for attic cleaning, insulation, rodent proofing and many other attic-related services. Check out our answers to many of our customers' most common questions by scrolling down to our FAQ section below.

Do you clean and sanitize after removing trapped rodents?

Our basic service includes setting traps near nesting places and locations where rodents are likely to hide. We dispose of the rodents and then seal off the area to make sure no more are likely to enter from outside. The final step is thorough cleaning and sanitization to make sure you don’t have to worry about any droppings or bacteria. Give out team a call for complete details about all our services to keep you and your family safe from rats and mice in your home or business.

What does mold prevention mean?

Our trained technicians will come out to inspect your attic and look for any potential risk factors when it comes to mold growth, such as moisture in the area, water leaks, or pest damage. If there are any potential issues, we'll determine the best way to tend to the issue to make sure that it won't cause mold to spread in the future using the best equipment available. If we find that mold is already present, we'll be able to remove it for you safely.

Does spray foam encourage any bacterial growth?

No. Since spray foam insulation products don't offer any “food” value, they do not support any bacterial or fungal growth. Spray foam also doesn't retain water, so fungal spores do not have any base for them to grow. Our professional team can answer any insulation questions you may have. Contact us today for fast, dependable attic-related services.

Should I go with fiberglass or spray foam insulation?

Spray foam is better recommended. It is applied, as the name suggests, in a liquid foam. Then it expands to conform to every possible portion of your attic to create a continual thermal envelope. It also adheres to clean, dry surfaces, and doesn't shrink or disintegrate over time. For any questions regarding adding insulation to your attic, contact our company specialists.


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