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Attic Cleaning in Santa Clara | Attic Cleaning San Jose

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Klein’s attic was overdue for clearing and cleaning.
Our Solution: This attic opened out onto an upstairs balcony, which meant the team had a convenient landing to use for unloading stored items. After dusting, scrubbing, and mopping the attic, the biggest and most time-consuming job for us was returning the contents of the attic and arranging it more efficiently. The end result was worth it; an open and accessible attic storeroom!

Mortimer Klein - Santa Clara
Rat Control Project | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Rat Control

Customer Issue: Found a rat in his house.
Our Solution: Not knowing where the rat was caught we assessed the house for potential points of entry and identified that rats could enter the attic through a large tree. We trimmed it and carried out a complete rodent proofing of the property to eliminate possible future invasions.

Miguel Cortez - Alum Rock
Rodent Removal Project | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Rodent Removal

Customer Issue: Mr. Dunn heard rodent noises in his attic.
Our Solution: Our team set numerous traps near obvious nesting places and places where rodents were likely to hide. We then removed the remains and sealed off all problem areas.

Arnold Dunn - San Jose
Spray Foam Insulation | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Spray Foam Insulation

Customer Issue: Air Leakage.
Our Solution: First, we removed the existing insulation and thoroughly cleaned the attic. After going over insulation options with the customer, he chose spray foam because of its excellent sealing capacity and high R-value that will lower the HVAC bill.

Jeremy Cornell - San Jose
Attic Insulation Removal | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Attic Insulation Removal

Customer Issue: Torn and Soiled Insulation.
Our Solution: Rodents completely shredded the insulation, so we removed it and then cleaned and decontaminated the whole attic. Also, we had to seal all the entry points to keep the pests out.

Molly Glover - Willow Glen
Commercial Attic Insulation | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Commercial Attic Insulation

Customer Issue: High heating and cooling bills.
Our Solution: We installed an effective radiant barrier in the attic of his furniture store and sprayed new insulation. Contact our team when you need the finest attic-related services for your home or business.

Larry Rowan - San Jose
Attic Cleaning | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: Rodents and small animals were entering the customer's attic and crawl spaces.
Our Solution: We cleaned and sanitized the attic and crawl space and left several rodent traps. A week later we returned to dispose of the dead rodents that had been caught in our traps. Contact our team for any attic-related service.

Jim Colten - Santa Clara
Attic Air Sealing | Attic Cleaning San Jose, CA

Attic Air Sealing

Customer Issue: There were numerous openings in the customer's attic where birds, rodents and small animals were entering.
Our Solution: Our team cleaned and sanitized the attic and crawl spaces and sealed all openings. When you need excellent customer service for any attic problem, our team is the one to call!

Sarah Reese - San Jose

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